Ram absolutely produces some tough trucks and cargo vans. The Ram 1500 provides buyers with an outstanding light-duty model. The 2500 and the 3500 offer heavy-duty options for someone involved in commercial activities. Even the toughest Ram models require routine service, and that service includes tire care. At Matt LaFontaine Automotive, we want to help you stay on top of tire maintenance, and here's a look at some services we offer.

Basic Tire Inspections

When you come to our location near Gaylord, MI, for an oil change, ask for a routine tire inspection. Someone could check the air pressure, the sidewalls, the treads, and more. If something seems wrong, a technician would likely pick up on the issue.

Even when you take excellent care of your tires, the rubber wears down. Age eventually leads to sidewall cracks and dry rot. The weather may further contribute to the degradation. Rubber doesn't last forever, even when you don't use the truck much. Driving a lot, combined with age and environmental factors, causes cracks. Let a technician check the tires out to see if cracks, bulges, and blisters are present.

Tire Rotations

Why switch tires from back-to-front and front-to-back? Because you want to increase the odds of even treadwear. This way, driving on Roscommon, MI, roads comes with added traction and safety. Tire rotations also make it easier for a technician to look at the brakes and perform other inspections.

We could also check for leaks when performing a tire rotation. Submerging the tire in water would likely reveal punctures, as the water would bubble. The test may help uncover mysterious, hidden punctures. Those punctures leave tires poorly inflated, which opens doors to many other problems.

Tire rotations usually occur once every six months. Check the Ram's owner's manual for the specifically recommended interval for this service. Try to book an appointment when it is due, as you don't want to run late with the service. Again, you want to protect your Ram's tires from wear.

Wheel Alignments

A Ram's wheels should remain at the factory-specified angles. Hitting an obstruction in the road in West Branch, MI, might knock the wheels out of alignment. Besides potentially wearing down the tire treads, poor alignment may cause operational problems. Let one of our Grayling, MI, technicians correct those angles.

Technicians rely on professional measurement tools to figure out the correct angles. A technician will research the manufacturer-specified angles, measure your Ram's angles, and then restore the factory settings if necessary.

New Tires

Do you want new tires or wish to buy seasonal ones? Are you in the market for a spare? Our dealership could help you purchase the preferred tire for your needs.

Again, tires reach their expiration date after excessive use or age. Tires commonly last about three years. After that point, replacing them becomes wise. Do you want tires warrantied for 30,000, 60,000, or 80,000 miles? We can help you choose the right ones.

A spare "donut" tire only works under certain conditions. Maybe purchasing a full-sized spare would be a better choice when you drive off-road or take part in routinely long work trips. Our inventory and catalog never run short of full-size spare tire options.

Set Up an Appointment

Why drive around Grayling, MI, with worn or old tires? Visit our Gaylord, MI, service department to get all your tire needs addressed. Our team handles tire requests routinely. Don't wait another day to get vital tire service performed.

Set up an appointment today. Call the office or set up an appointment online. Our team needs some basic information to help move things along smoothly. Once your time and day gets set up, bring the Ram to the service location for the scheduled appointment.

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